Ink Illusions - Val Kovalin This was a great read. The story touched many difficult topics, handling all of them with sensitivity and respect. The pairing of a Norse Pagean with a Jew is fascinating and unusual. I loved the hints at Travis's religion and Aaron's backstory which never turned into infodump but were worked seamlessly into the narrative flow. Characterization is one of this author's fortes, and thus I wasn't surprised that both Travis and Aaron were likeable, realistic persons, down to Travis's anger issues. I liked it that they took their time to let their relationship grow and didn't jump each other's bones right away. If anything, Aaron was almost too good to be real, though saved by his inner insecurities and the moments he lost control. I loved Rosemary and Belinda, and I particularly loved the way the author used a child's worldview to get her message of tolerance across without hammering anything in. A wonderful, heartwarming read, backed by wide knowledge, with an intelligent plot and a flowing narrative voice. And it doesn't hurt that it contains some seriously hot eroticism. Highly recommended.