Duty & Devotion (Faith, Love and Devotion)

Duty & Devotion (Faith, Love & Devotion, #3) - Tere Michaels I loved Faith and Fidelity, and this sequel was equally fantastic in language and writing, in speed and build - up. But: There were some loose threads were left hanging, and like my predecessors in reviewing, I found the time gap at the beginning and the off - page developments rather confusing. I missed greatly the overpowering emotion between the two men which drew me into the first book so much. This time it's mostly just Evan who's got to overcome his angst while Matt seems quite comfortable with his role as househusband and parent. There's one scene at the end where Matt's need for domination is mentioned, but not solved; I felt like Evan was let down somehow, being the only one who had to overcome his fears entirely. And the sex scenes, though done craftily, lacked emotion, too; sometimes I felt like watching them from apart, unlike the first book, where I felt sucked in (no pun intended) by those scenes. So, overall Tere Michaels masterful writing, but not as gripping as the first one. I couldn't help the feeling that the author wasn't in this one with her heart as much as with the first book, and even the second one.