NEG UB2  - Rick R. Reed This is the sequel to "VGL Male seeks same", starring Ethan and Brian. The book's title "NEG UB2" is taken from internet dating site etiquette/ shorthand, it means "I'm HIV-negative and looking for someone who is negative, too"Ethan doesn't expect to learn he's HIV positive when he goes to his doctor's for a routine checkup. He's even more stunned by the implications that go with the diagnosis than whit the verdict itself; for since he's been almost celibate before he met his current boyfriend, Brian, Ethan can only come to the conclusion that it must have been Brian who infected him. Hurt, betrayed, addled, Ethan breaks up with Brian. But Brian doesn't stop trying to reconnect with Ethan. After Ethan has gotten over the first shock, he starts to blog, quasi for therapeutic purposes. The comments on his blog give him a lot to think about, and he realizes maybe he's jumping to conclusions here - or maybe he just did Brian wrong. This book was awesome. The author managed to walk the actually very, very narrow bridge between entertainment and a very serious topic with admirable grace. There were the hard, brutal facts of the diagnosis, but there was also hope. There was no downplaying of Ethan's situation, and no not taking HIV and AIDS serious, but there was also love and consideration and support. A difficult topic, handled with -well I need to repeat myself- awesome skill by the author. Not a light and fluffy read, and nothing for those who want a lot of sex. But easy enough as to be not oppressive. Higly,warmly recommended.