Flawless (Irresistible Attraction)

Flawless - Cat Grant 4.5 starsThere's Steve, a wealthy physics scientist who drives a Ferrari and who's only recently accepted his bisexuality. And there's Gil, a Ferrari mechanic who worked hard to open his own shop and is still barely scraping along. Gil is a trans-man, but former horrible experiences have him tongue tied with fear of rejection or worse. Steve, on the other hand, is utterly clueless, which makes for an awkward moment--to put it VERY mildly--once they give in to the mutual attraction that started with Gil teaching Steve how to drive a Ferrari. There's also a leftover asshole from Gil's past who keeps calling him Gabi and wastes no opportunity to exploit Gil in the worst way. The only part of the book that I thought less than perfect since as far as I'm concerned, the matter with Cas was solved too easily (then again, there's potential for future conflict here, so I won't complain too hard but rather hope for a sequel). Otherwise, I loved this book. Steve and Gil were perfect for each other, both having excperienced rejection for their outward appearance, both having gone through freeing transitions. Steve may be clueless, but he's willing to learn; Gil may be bitter, but he hasn't given up all hope yet. What it comes down to in the end is two people falling for who they are and who they could be to each other. Beautifully done and sincerely recommended.