911 - Chris Owen First, there are fireman Drew and doctor Scott. We watch them going from being roommates to mere sex to making love, building a real relationship. They are complete, perfect, lacking nothing except perhaps, due to their packed schedules they are a bit alone sometimes. When Drew realizes Scott isn't having a life anymore except working and sleeping he forces him out of his shell to poker nights with friends. That's where they meet Eric, an EMT looking for an accomodation fitting his working shifts. They invite him to share their house. Neither of the three is aware how it happens, but it comes the day Eric realizes he is in love with both Drew and Scott. Eric tries to cope as long as he can stand it, but eventually it gets too much. But when Eric announces he wants to move out, he learns that neither Scott nor Drew want to let him go - and both are in love with him. This book was extremely well written. The characters talk, and they talk quite a bit, but that is part of this book's charm. We get to know each of them very good. It is totally plausible that both Drew and Scott work as a couple and together with Eric as a threesome. Although often only two of them engage in lovemaking, none of them is left out. They are heartwarming to watch, particularly when one of them is badly hurt and they struggle and finally achieve to prove that the whole is stronger than its parts. What I had difficulties to believe was the complete lack of jealousy with each of them. But then again, I presume love means trust. If you trust your loved ones there's no need for jealousy or something like that. I greatly enjoyed this book and will surely read it again.