Simple Treasures - Alan Chin This was a wonderful story, in the actual sense of the word: it’s a story full of wonders, from the vivid descriptions of landscapes and artfully woven-in little info-bits on falconry and fly-fishing to the great, multi-layered characters, from the vibrant emotions to the subtle underlying message. Since every new day is a new life to Simple, he goes about everything he does with almost child-like innocence. Yet, he also has the wisdom of an old soul that enables him to make seemingly unsolvably complicated things appear easy – truely simple, as it is. His simplicity has nothing to do with stupidity, rather with utter openness and genuine humility. He wants nothing, expects nothing, and takes everything that comes at him with grace, completely living in the moment. Only love, a real connection with someone else, can shake him out of his blissful nirvana. As Simple reaches out to Jude, he reaches out to himself, and by setting Emmet’s spirit free, he frees his own mind of his grandfather’s debilitating influence. The process is just beautiful to watch even though it requires a fiery exorcism.I’ve always been partial to Alan Chin’s distinctive narrative voice which to me is lyrical without pathos, idealistic without moralizing and strong yet subtle enough to stay in the background without overshadowing the characters’ own voices.This is not a book I’d read when I’m in the mood for mindless entertainment, it’s a gripping, resonating story that had me deeply involved and went straight to my heart.Highly originally written for