Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban This book was a sequence of emotional ups and downs. Again, there's stuff exploding every few pages, and again, both Ty and Zane go through a considerable ordeal (as Ty says himself, it's time they make a memorandum to stay out of hospitals for a while), and again, there's a serious, yet somewhat surprising criminal (whose POV we get early in the book, so he's not much of a mystery). For that matter, despite knowing who the bad guy was and where he had placed his bomb, I sat on the edge of my chair, breathless with tension about what was going to happen with that bomb...The internal conflict was even better than the outwardly one. I don't know how those two authors manage, but with every book, Ty and Zane gain more depth, more soul. I'd even say they've become more human over the course of those four books. An incredible series with two truely unique heroes who have long ago captured my heart.