Breakfast at Tiffany's - Lynn Lorenz Tony has lost everything to Hurricane Katrina, and almost given up on himself since he couldn't save his siblings when the storm hit. Scott never had anything to lose in the first place, but he has found work and a new home in New Orleans. Tony has sunk so low as to robbery; but when he sees Scott mugged, Tony can't just watch. He saves Scott, but takes his money anyway. It burns a hole into his conscience and his pocket, so he needs to see Scott again and give it back. This sweet story about finding love in dark times is heartwarming and hope-inspiring. Well written, too. Toby and Scott are so lost it's almost natural they fall for each other, with Tony protecting Scott's body due to his strength, but Scott saving Tony's soul due to his unbroken optimism and ability to care. Love comes fast, too fast, which is why this isn't a fie star read, but it's enticing nevertheless, and highly recommended.