Pool Hall Green - Sara Bell Drew's parents effectively threw him out when they learned he was gay. Still, they rely on him to come running whenever they need something from him, particularly when his younger brother Vic, a gambling addict, is once again in over his ears. And, although he should know better - and swears every time this is the last time - Drew helps his brother and parents out again and again. But this time, Vic has gone too far. He's in for two-hundred fifty thousand dollars to a man called Evan Shaye. But Evan is willing to relinquish his claim in exchange for Drew playing a pool tournament. When Drew goes to confront the blackmailer, he's facing a big surprise, though, because Evan isn't the brute mafia type Drew expected him to be. Not at all. This story, told in first person with Drew's slightly ironic voice, was funny and fast paced, but still dense and well plotted. The writing is simply great; you almost heard Ollie's Alabama drawl, Vic's whine and Aunt Quinn's no-nonsense resolve. The opening scene's hilarious Murphy routine alone was worth the read, and it just got better. You don't get a lot of pool and pool players in m/m romance. There was a fascinating pool game scene, and the funny little pool - player's quirks which pepper the plot are just endearing. This is more a gay themed book about family ties and breaking the bad habit of being an enabler than a romance. Evan and Drew work well together, their banter was great, but not too obrusive, and they made a great couple with a believable HEA in the end. Overall, an unusual setting for a book which just hit the spot for me. Greatly recommended.